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Trez R Us offers a number of residential and commercial services including:

  • Tree Removal
  • Trimming and Thinning
  • Logging and Lot Clearing
  • Canopy Pruning
  • Emergency Tree Removal Services

We proudly serve Franklin County, Roanoke Area, Bedford County, Smith Mountain Lake, Lynchburg and surrounding areas.

Why Hire a Tree Service?


Safety and Peace of Mind

Have you ever thought, “Should I hire a professional tree service or should I try to do this myself?” It’s tempting to “DIY” your tree projects to save extra money, but you will quickly find that taking care of damaged trees, fallen limbs or any other tree project on your own is much more labor intensive, costly and potentially dangerous than hiring professionals.

Hiring a team of professional tree experts is the safest and most reliable solution. We have the proper equipment and training to finish the job safely and efficiently.


Protecting Your Investment

Trees require care and attention in order to remain strong. A healthy tree is more resistant to damage brought about by strong winds, rain and severe weather conditions such as hurricanes, ice storms and heavy snow. A fallen limb or uprooted tree can cause considerable damage to your property.

Trees may increase your property value by upwards of 20%. Protect your investment by scheduling regular checkups.


Licensed Professionals You Can Trust

Maybe you’d like to expand your views by trimming your canopies. Or perhaps you’ve noticed an ailing tree in your yard. Call Trēz R Us at 540-493-1444 for a customized quote and find out why so many area residents have come to trust Bill White and his team for professional, reliable service.